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Features of SchoolHandy- School ERP Software

The phenomenal features of School ERP software have taken the educational sector to the advanced level, to enhance the learning potential of students and empower teachers to have a detailed report of each student on their fingertip. The school ERP software has a set of tools that will modernise the school administration work.


The first step of your child’s school life is taking admission and enrolling him in the best school. SchoolHandy enables you to complete the admission procedure smoothly and hassle-free. This feature not only saves the time of a parent in the entire admission process but also it helps school staff to eliminate the stationeries and the workload to be suffered during the entire process.


Get an updated school planner to have an idea about the school events happening in the coming days. This helps both the parents and teachers to get prepared for the upcoming event. Incase of PTM i.e Parents Teachers Meeting, when the date is pre-decided then it becomes easier for parents to reschedule their particular day and attend the meetings. There are many other unknown benefits of the Daily Calendar feature of SchoolHandy.


Before the introduction of technology, paying a child’s school fee was one of the hard tasks. As parents have to take a day off from their office or maybe from their daily routine just to pay the fees. But now, it has become easier for parents. SchoolHandy enables parents to pay the fees online through the application online payment gateway. The additional advantage of using SchoolHandy is it reminds you from time to time about the fees due date. This is helpful for parents when they might skip this important thing while dealing with their regular life.


The security of students' information is the most important thing. It has been observed that a lack of security may cause severe problems. To avoid such issues, SchoolHandy’s bus tracking system has come to rescue you. Your data is saved securely in the system.


SchoolHandy’s Attendance management feature ensures to cover all the aspects of attendance and the best fact of it is that the reports are available for the guardians or parents and teachers on their fingertips. With the help of this software application, you can easily get an entire track of attendance. This feature not only saves your time but also saves paper as it eliminates usage of attendance books.


You get instant alerts from the application whenever a student boards the bus. Also, the Instant Alert feature updates you if there's any change in the schedule of school working or any important notifications such as rescheduling PTA, changes in exams scheduled, etc.


Student’s report card can be updated on the portal so that it becomes easier for parents to understand the progress of their ward. While teachers can try out new ways of teaching for any specific student who is not performing well in the academic year.


Functions of SchoolHandy are designed to be multi-user, which allows teachers to work smoothly and effectively. SchoolHandy has various features under one roof which makes it the best one-stop portal for students, parents, and teachers. It not only eliminates the workload but also makes one independent to work efficiently.


The interface of SchoolHandy is designed in a way that a student or teacher can use the application easily which makes it a user-friendly application for all. It does not require any special skills to handle it. You can update the timetable of students, yearly calendars, regular updates, important notices, PTA meetings, and many more.

How SchoolHandy features are beneficial to
Parents and Students?

  • Stay updated with your child’s class performance in real-time.
  • Check homework assigned in class for each subject along with the deadline for submission.
  • Find and celebrate your child’s achievements across subjects and classes in a single place.
  • Plan your child’s day by keeping track of the timetable for the day or the exams. Know about any last-minute changes.
  • Be informed well in advance about events at the school and if any preparations needed from your end.
  • Plan your vacations and leave well in advance with the holiday calendar on the platform.
  • Know when the next fee is due and under which head. Plan your finances well in advance.
  • Keep a track of your child’s attendance in class and at events with a single click.

How SchoolHandy’s features are beneficial to
Teachers and Management?

  • Assign homework directly on the app rather than announce it in the class. Check the update on the status of homework by each parent.
  • Declare results of class quizzes and projects immediately upon assessment.
  • Make important or last-minute announcements about the latest events in school with the click of a button and reach every single parent.
  • Announce exam dates and exam schedule in advance for all classes at one go
  • Mark your class attendance instantly on the app updating parents about the attendance record of the child.
  • Make PTA announcements and share important information with the PTA committee.
  • Update timetable for all classes on the platform at the same time. Any last moment changes can be immediately notified to parents.
  • Send fees due dates and reminders to parents.

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A School ERP Software (School Enterprise Resource Planning Software) is a mobile-web application designed to handle all the administrative tasks of a school. With the help of the School ERP software you can lessen the burden of work on the employee or teachers. Click here to know more - The Best School ERP Software at Your Service

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