How the Best Online School ERP Software Will Help Your Ward?

Today, all the parents are cautious about their child’s future and their education. Education plays an essential role in our life as it guides you to decide and helps to choose the right path towards a career. Introduction of Information Technology has made an incredible impact on many sectors. In the same way, it has enhanced the education sector as well.

Many schools and educational institutes have started the implementation of the best School ERP Software. This software has helped teachers, parents, and students in different ways. SchoolHandy provides a platform that will fill up the gap between them and work efficiently for better administration work.

Now let us explore the features of the best online School ERP software.

The marvellous highlights of School ERP software have taken the educational sector to the advanced level, to improve the learning capability of students and enable educators to have an itemised report of every student on the tip of their finger. The cloud-based school administration software has a lot of features that will modernise the school admin work. So, how about exploring the features of software applications in detail?

Following are features of school ERP software: -

  1. Admission & Enrolment

    The initial step of your ward’s school life is a selection of the best school and getting admission in it. SchoolHandy empowers you to finish the confirmation method in a smooth and bothered freeway. Admission management system not just spares the hour of a parent in the whole admission process. Yet also, it causes school staff to dispense with the stationeries and the outstanding task at hand to be endured during the whole procedure.

  2. Yearly Calendar Management System

    The calendar management system has many uses, and it benefits both teachers and parents or guardians too. Earlier, teachers must send mails and notices to the parents. In this process, teachers were required to remind parents about the meetings, events, occasions, holidays, etc. regularly. But, with the help of the Yearly Calendar Management System, it has lessened the workload of Teachers.

    And as a guardian, the yearly calendar management system helps them to pre-plan their schedule according to events, meetings to be conducted in the school.

  3. Fee Management System

    Previously, paying a ward's school fees was one of the hard errands as guardians need to take a leave from their office or possibly from their day by day schedule just to pay the charges. Be that as it may, presently, it has gotten simpler for guardians. SchoolHandy empowers guardians to pay the fees online through the application online instalment gateway.

    The benefit of choosing SchoolHandy - the best online School ERP Software is that, reminds you every once in a while about the fees due date. This is useful for guardians when they may miss out this significant thing while at the same time managing their standard life.

  4. Attendance Management System

    SchoolHandy's Attendance Management System guarantees to cover most of the aspects of attendance. And its best thing about this system is that the attendance reports are accessible for the parents or guardians and teachers on their fingertips. With the assistance of this application, you can generate reports and get previous attendance data quickly.

    This feature marks your ward's attendance as soon as he/she enters the class. Makes it easier to track you as a parent, and helpful for teachers at the same time.

  5. Student Management System and Security

    The security of student information is the most significant thing. It has seen that an absence of security may cause serious issues. To maintain a strategic distance from such matters, SchoolHandy's student management system is beneficial to have. Your information is stored safely in the student management system, and you can access it easily if you have correct login details.

    Along with that, the SchoolHandy bus tracking & transport management feature helps in managing students and track them while they travel from home to school and from school to home. Instant notification is sent on the mobile once the ward gets in the bus. This makes SchoolHandy secure and the best management software in India.

  6. Instant Alerts

    SchoolHandy’s - Instant Alerts notifies guardians about the most important things. Such as wards examination dates, result alerts, PTM reminder, changes are scheduled earlier. It also updates the parent whereabouts of the child and notifies when he/she has boarded a bus.

  7. Examination Management, Reports & Results Management System

    With the Examination Management system of SchoolHandy, you can get details of the examination scheduled. Also, the report card of your ward is updated in the policy so that it becomes available to you quickly. You can analyse and track the progress of your ward with the help of SchoolHandy application.

    On the other hand, teachers can change the way of teaching in case a conventional method does not support a specific student.

  8. Leave Management System

    You can apply for leave through the SchoolHandy application. Leave management system helps to track the leaves of your ward with the reason mentioned with it. This feature can be used mainly for sick leave, vacation leave, etc.

    At the same time, teachers are updated about the absence of the ward in the class.

  9. One-stop Portal For Parents & Teachers

    Elements of SchoolHandy are intended to be multi-user, which permits instructors to work efficiently and adequately. SchoolHandy has different highlights under one rooftop which makes it the best one-stop portal for students, guardians, and teachers. It takes out the outstanding task at hand as well as makes one autonomous to work productively.

    SchoolHandy has various opportunities in the application to enhance the study structure of your ward.

  10. User-friendly Application

    SchoolHandy is a user-friendly application available to serve maximum teachers, parents and students in their school work. With the help of this application, the teacher can update the time table and as a parent, you can browse it online. This software notifies you with the regular update onwards progress, achievements, PTA meetings, examination dates, fees due date, etc.

As the features of the School ERP solution explained, let us see how the best online school ERP software will help your ward?

  • Check schoolwork allocated in class for each subject alongside the cutoff time for submission.
  • Stay updated about your ward's class performance and progress.
  • Pre-information of an event to be conducted in the coming days and work hard if any preparation is required from your end.
  • Discover and praise your youngster's accomplishments across subjects and classes
  • You will never miss a school announcement as you will be notified and updated about the same.
  • You can pre-plan a vacation by applying for a leave through the system.
  • You will get a notification for the examination or test scheduled by school, so that you can plan out a study schedule to perform well in the upcoming tests.
  • View and download images of your ward's achievements, events they have participated, etc.
  • Get a yearly calendar and syllabus of your ward on the application to plan out study schedules.

Above Mentioned are some of the features and benefits of using SchoolHandy - the best online School ERP Software Solution. These amazing features of the best School ERP software will help you and your ward in his studies. Contact us to get a free demo of our application.