Stay updated with online attendance and diary/notice system

Feel at ease regarding your child's where abouts with real-time bus tracking

Don't miss a single update about school events with chat forums

Kids don't always relay every important message to their parents. Parents don't always remember every notice that is issued from the school. That's when SchoolHandy comes in handy. Never miss an important announcement or the fee deadline again!

SchoolHandy is a comprehensive cloud based application that helps you stay connected via digital communications and real-time chat forums.

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The online school ERP system enables the user to access multiple functionalities available on the app once they register. With SchoolHandy, there is a one-to-one connect between the school and parents which makes the overall communication faster and more effective. The parents feel more involved in the process and teachers can share important information with them at the touch of a button.

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Schoolhandy is looking for partners that are an active part of the educational sector and have substantial contribution to make. We would be glad to shake hands with those who nurture education.

Fill in the details of your company and tell us how you are connected to the educational sector and why you would like to partner with Schoolhandy. After a quick verification process, you'll be a proud partner!